Well – Moruya and Broulee do have strong maritime links!

Australian National Maritime Museum

Tales of mysterious vessels navigating the seas without crews have pervaded cultures across the world for centuries. Some of these, such as The Flying Dutchman, the ship cursed and doomed to sail forever, are myth. Others were real, and will excite the imagination of generations to come.

Arguably the most famous ghost ship, the Mary Celeste was discovered on December 4 1872 adrift on the Atlantic Ocean with all seven of its crew missing. The American British merchant brigandine, under the experienced command of Captain Benjamin Briggs, was to sail across the Atlantic to trade with various Adriatic ports. The Captains wife and two year old daughter accompanied him on the journey, along with seven crew members, all of whom were considered experience and trustworthy seamen.

A month after leaving port the Mary Celeste was sighted adrift less than 1000kms off the coast of Portugal. The ship had been abandoned, its sail torn and all the…

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